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What is Foil Stamp Printing?

Foil-stamped products from have an elegant look your guests and clients will appreciate. By using heat, pressure and high-quality metallic paper (foil), our team can uniquely create your monogram, name or other design on premium napkins. uses a Heidelberg Windmill Letterpress machine to foil stamp its products. The press uses metal printing plates that hot stamp images and text onto each item. The plate is placed in the heated print head, the product is positioned beneath and the shiny or matte foil is inserted between the two. Using heat and pressure, the design is transferred through the foil and onto the product in seconds.

The old-world style press revives a time-honored art that creates custom napkins with true character. It produces imprints with colors and textures that can't be replicated by standard printing methods.

Foil stamping gives your design a high-sheen, shiny appearance or a non-glossy, smooth matte finish that will accent your wedding reception, corporate party or celebration. We've got the know-how and experience to make your special event a huge success.

Heidelberg Press Heidelberg Press

The History Behind the Process

Long ago, Egyptians used to pound gold to a very fine thickness to decorate mummies, coffins and other items they deemed of value. During the Middle Ages, monks used mechanical equipment to place hammered gold on their books for categorizing.

Leather-bound books were the first items to be foil-stamped, according to early history. Craftsmen made a design in the leather and then applied the beaten gold by hand. It was a very long and tedious process.

Hundreds of years later, the method was simplified by first affixing the beaten gold to paper. Heat was then dually used to remove the gold from the paper and transfer it to the stamped imprint.

By the 20th century, a variety of metallic foils were being produced to replace the more expensive pounded gold. Today, foil-stamping has become a popular choice to add style and grace to any event.

Design Your Own Unique Napkins

The easy ordering process at allows you to design your custom foil-stamped napkins any way you choose. We have dozens of product colors and the most popular shiny and matte foil imprint colors.

You can select a template from our exclusive design gallery or send us your own artwork to create the foil imprint you want. Our experts use state-of-the-art equipment and top-notch experience to create superior foil-stamped products that are second to none.

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