Wedding Napkins

Give your reception a high-end look with elegant print and foil-stamped wedding napkins! We offer dozens of napkin colors and gorgeous foil colors to accent any theme! You can select from hundreds of templates to uniquely showcase your name, wedding date or personal message.

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What is foil stamp printing? Read about the foil stamp process and history.

Wedding Napkins

Personalized wedding napkins add an elegant and memorable touch to every reception. Select from printed linen-like or foil-stamped 3ply paper napkins for weddings in any theme or color! Personalize wedding napkins to show off your personality and good taste.

Since you're going to get napkins anyway, why not customize them to express yourself? It is easy to see the benefits of personalized wedding paper napkins. Our personalized napkins for weddings are offered in over 35 popular colors. You will get the best deal around with free delivery and a free art proof.

Foil-Stamped Custom Wedding Napkins

It's your wedding so do it your way! Order your dinner, lunch and wedding cocktail napkins imprinted with your choice of 28 beautiful foil colors. Select from a huge selection of napkin colors to match any color scheme. Customize our most popular wedding cocktail napkins, a versatile napkin size that is ideal for serving with drinks or cake. We have "eat, drink, and be married" napkin templates and many others to use or to prompt inspiration. Monogrammed napkins for weddings continue to be a favorite design trend. At Totally Promotional it is easy to customize your monogram wedding napkins.

How Many Napkins To Order?

There is really no wrong answer to how many paper wedding napkins to order! If you plan to offer your personalized napkins with dinner, drinks and cake, we recommend 8-9 napkins per person. Alternately, if you plan to use a basic napkin for general usage, order a small amount such as 1-2 per person or less as an accent for your cake table or bar. If you are still unsure how many napkins you will need, be prepared with a back-up napkin or order a few extra. Couples often express how much they enjoy using leftover napkins at anniversary parties or other special events to remember the special day.